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River Horse

Highlander: The Board Game Highlander: The Board Game
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Highlander™ The Board Game Highlander: The Board Game is a 2 to 6 player game in which each player takes on the role of an immortal. These mighty warriors live many lives throughout the centuries as they prepare for the gathering, a time in which they will be drawn to a distant land in order to fight to the death for “the prize.” There can be only one! Contents: 7 Highly collectable 32mm models (C…
Highlander: The Board Game - Princes of the Universe Highlander: The Board Game - Princes of the Universe
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Highlander™ The Board Game - Princes of the Universe The Princes of the Universe expansion for Highlander: The Board Game gives you alternate versions of each of the characters in the original game as well as new cards to expand your collection. To add Princes of the Universe into your game simply add the new cards into their corresponding decks in the core game! Contents: 7 Highly collectable 32m…
Loka Loka
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LOKA A Game of Elemental Strategy In Loka, you control one or more armies of elemental fantasy warriors – Fire, Earth, Air and Water are at war. The armies, divided into two teams, battle for supremacy using polyhedral dice, moving and fighting over a board layered with ever-changing fantasy terrain. The rules, and type of pieces available to your army are inspired by traditional chess, and so are…
Waterloo - Quelle Affaire! Waterloo - Quelle Affaire!
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WATERLOO Quelle Affaire! It's the morning of the 16th of June 1815. The vast French army under Napoleon Bonaparte is arrasyed for battle in the fields near the little Belgian village of Waterloo. On the ridge facing them are the allied troops of Britain, Holland, Belgium and several small German states, commanded by the Duke of Wellington. Outnumbered and outgunned, the British have the defensible…


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