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Akrotiri Akrotiri
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AKROTIRI Akrotiri dig iste in the island on Thera It all began with a simple map - a map said to lead to a legendary Minoan temple. Investigating the matter further, you've decided to set forth on the Aegean Sea. And it would appear you were not alone in this quest for fame... These voyages and excavations will e costly. To fund them, you will need to gather resources from the surrounding islands…
Beyond Baker Street Beyond Baker Street
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Beyond Baker Street Another criminal is on the run, and you’re on the case. See if you can solve it before the legendary Sherlock Holmes does! 2 - 4 players 30 mins 10 years+ On the Trail Beyond Baker Street is a cooperative game where players collaborate to solve a case before the great Sherlock Holmes does. Over the course of the game, you must discover the Suspect, then determine their Motive a…
Bruxelles 1893 Bruxelles 1893
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Bruxelles 1893 Brussels 1893 Victor Horta builds Autrique House and Tassel House, recognized as the the first "Art Nouveau" buildings, where hte fluidity of spaces echoes curvilinear botanical forms, incorrporating ironwork, mosaics, frescoes, and stained glass windows. The same year, Paul Hankar erects his own house. The Belgian capital became the birthplace of thie innovative movement that would…
Clash of Cultures Clash of Cultures
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Clash of Cultures Transform a meager settlement into a mighty empire whose culture is your greatest achievement! 2 - 4 players 180 - 240 mins 14 years+ Gain Grandeur from a Humble Beginning Designed by Christian Marcussen, creator of Merchants and Marauders, each players will help guide a small, single settlement in its rise to a glorious empire in Clash of Cultures. Send Settlers to build new bas…
CYOA: War with the Evil Powermaster CYOA: War with the Evil Powermaster
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Choose Your Own Adventure: War With the Evil Power Master The Lacoonian System has lived in peace for centuries but now the Evil Power Master has returned! Can you stop him from doing his evil thing? Travel to the Edge of the Galaxy For centuries, the Lacoonian System, an alliance of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, has lived in peace. But now the Evil Power Master has returned and i…
El Capitan El Capitan
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El Capitan YOU ARE A REPUTABLE MERCHANT IN THE 15th CENTURY sailing to strategically important cities of the Mediterranean, building warehouses in these cities and fortresses to protect them. It is your ambition to become the most mightyy and successful merchant of all. But you will succeed only if you manage to establish your warehouses in as many cities as possible and if you build your warehous…
El Grande - Big Box El Grande - Big Box
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El Grande Big Box Vie for control of medieval Spain in this game of cunning and guile. 2 - 5 players 90 mins 13 years+ Seize Power Spain in the late Middle Ages. The King and his domain are secure, but the high nobility, known as the Grandes, wish to expand their influence. As one of these Grandes, send your loyal Caballeros to strengthen your position throughout the country. The El Grande Box inv…
Fae Fae
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Fae Lost in the Fae and hounded by enigmatic spirits, the brave druids of the Baruitha clan gather to perform sacred rituals in honor of these mystic denizens... 2 - 4 players 20 mins 10 years+ Journey Across the World of the Fae Enter an enchanted realm of otherworldly beauty filled with enigmatic spirits! In Fae, two to four players assume the roles of wayward spirits within the mystic realm, ob…
Fields of Arle Fields of Arle
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Fields of Arle Experience a period of extraordinary opportunity in the quiet Frisian town of Arle. 2 players 120 mins 13 years+ Welcome to Arle In Fields of Arle, created by Uwe Rosenberg, one to two players live as farmers in the small and peaceful town of Arle in East Frisia. The flax grown in the land surrounding the village makes it a profitable place to work and live. Fields of Arle takes pla…
First Train to Nuremberg First Train to Nuremberg
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Board Games > Argentum Verlag > ... FIRST TRAIN TO NÜRNBERG 175 years ago, on 7th December 1835 to be precise, the first German train powered by a steam engine started operating between Nuremberg and Fürth, transporting passengers and goods. In England's region of Wensleydale transport of goods via railway tracks was started 13 years later. First Train to Nuremberg is a revised edition of Last Tra…
Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game
2 in stock
Gaia Project Explore the galaxy and lead your faction to victory in this thrilling follow-up to Terra Mystica! 1 - 4 players 60 - 150 mins 14 years+ Shoot for the Stars For centuries, your civilization has yearned to take to the stars and explore unknown worlds. Now you finally have the technology to take your first steps into the cosmos. In Gaia Project, one to four players are invited to forge t…
Hawaii Hawaii
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Hawaii Welcome to the resplendent Hawaiian islands, where the fishermen fish, the surfers surf, the dancers dance - all as beautiful in their own way as the tropical fruits that grow from and decorate the breathtaking landscape. As one of the chieftans of this paradise island, you are responsible for the cultivation and prosperity of your own villages. Daily, you must ask yourselves how you might…


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