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HINT Mime, draw, hum and talk about everything from European capitals and movie villains to pizza toppings in this party game where there's always one forbidden word! Game info: Ages: 15+ Players: 4-10 Time: 15-30 mins
Jaipur (2nd Edition) Jaipur (2nd Edition)
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JAIPUR In Jaipur, you are hoping to become the Maharaja’s personal trader by amassing more riches than your opponent at the end of each week. To do so, collect and exchange goods at the market, then sell them for rupees. If you manage to arrange a larger sale, you’ll receive a reward. The camels have no sale value, but they’re very useful for trading, especially when you want a lot of goods from t…
Just One Just One
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JUST ONE A party game of creative word association! Every round, each player secretly writes a one-word clue to the mystery word on one player's card, then that player will guess the mystery word. The twist: if two or more players write down the same clue, it can't be shown to the guesser! Game info: Ages: 8+ Players: 3-7 Time: 20 mins
Skull Skull
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SKULL Place cards face down and bid on how many you can turn over without revealing a skull - but you have to start with your own cards. Game Info: Ages: 14+ Players: 3-6 Time: 15-45 mins
Telestrations Telestrations
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TELESTRATIONS Draw what you see, then guess what you saw, in the game of hilariously unpredictable outcomes! UK Edition Game info: Ages: 12+ Players: 4-8 Time: 30 mins
Werewolves - Gathering of the Wicked: Disney Villains Werewolves - Gathering of the Wicked: Disney Villains
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GATHERING OF THE WICKED Werewolves: Disney Villains In Gathering of the Wicked, based on Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, you play as a Disney villain such as Maleficent, Hades, or Captain Hook who is gathering in a dark realm with various henchmen. There, two teams fight for control, alternating between day and night phases. Each night, the villains wake up one by one and use their unique abilities…
Werewolves of Millers Hollow Werewolves of Millers Hollow
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WEREWOLVES OF MILLERS HOLLOW The classic social party game of a village terrorised by a group of hidden werewolves, loaded with special characters to add twists and turns! Game info: Ages: 14+ Players: 8-18 Time: 20-30 mins
Werewolves of Millers Hollow (2020 Edition) Werewolves of Millers Hollow (2020 Edition)
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WEREWOLVES OF MILLERS HOLLOW The all-time-classic party game! Werewolves have infiltrated the village and are feasting on a new victim every night. Can you identify who among you is hiding a dark secret and root them out before it's too late? Game info: Ages: 8+ Players: 8-18 Time: 30 mins .


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