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Other Games (A-Z)

Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon
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BLUE LAGOON Blue Lagoon is a set collection game with an area control mechanic. Each player manages a group of settlers that spread out on the islands of a newly-discovered archipelago, discovering its wealth and building villages as they explore. Points are awarded for collecting resources and settling on the islands. Smart placement and anticipation are needed to win. Game Info: Ages: 8+ Players…
Maki Stack Maki Stack
2 in stock
MAKI STACK Order’s up- it’s time for a sushi showdown! Put on your mask and grab your teammate, or prepare to use your fingers as chopsticks. Balance and arrange the sushi, plates, and soy sauce bottles, and make sure to execute the order exactly as shown on the card. But be careful, one wrong move and everything might tumble over! Race a friend or challenge as a team in this sushi stacking extrav…
Meeple Land Meeple Land
3 in stock
MEEPLE LAND Roll up, roll up! Build the most renowned amusement park of all time! Offer the best rides and services to ensure all your customers have a fun time. Unsatisfied customers will cost you… During each round: Expand: choose and buy one of the central market tiles: an attraction, a service, a plot extension or a park entrance. Advertise: receive the visitors indicated on the advertisement.…
Morris the Dodo Morris the Dodo
2 in stock
Blue Orange Games > ... MORRIS THE DODO Oh no, Explorers have arrived on the island! Help Morris the Dodo hide the eggs at the bottom of the waterfall. But watch out, if the eggs crack, they are a clue for the explorer to adventure closer to the nest. Empty the nest before the explorer raids it. Game Info: Ages: 3+ Players: 2-4 Time: 10 mins
Next Station: London Next Station: London
Out of stock
Next Station London You have been hired by the City of London to redesign their underground lines. Each turn, reveal a new station and create a railway section to expand your subway line. Optimize the number of districts you connect, the tourist sites you access, and take advantage of the tunnels passing under the Thames River to score the most points. Sketch 4 underground subway lines and become…
Next Station: Tokyo Next Station: Tokyo
1 in stock
Next Station Tokyo Travel to Japan in the city of Tokyo and compete to redraw their metro plans in order to meet the tourist challenges of tomorrow. Each turn you will reveal the next station card and draw a subway line on your map. You will have to optimize your network to collect a maximum of stamps and stay connected to the central green loop to earn as many points as possible! This flip-and-wr…
Okiya Okiya
Out of stock
OKIYA On each turn, players replace a garden tile with one of their clan tokens. The next player can only exchange a token for a garden tile that has an element in common with the previously chosen tile. The first to position their clan in a row or square will win control of the garden! Game Info: Ages: 8+ Players: 2 Time: 15 mins
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis
1 in stock
PHOTOSYNTHESIS Welcome to the world of Photosynthesis, the green strategy board game! Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds and your strategy. Take your trees through their life-cycle, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun’s rays. Carefully pick where you sow and when you grow, as trees in the sh…
Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight
Out of stock
PHOTOSYNTHESIS: UNDER THE MOONLIGHT Enhance the world of Photosynthesis with the Under the Moonlight expansion! The moon turns in the opposite direction of the sun and casts its moonlight into the woods. Players collect lunar points for their new forest animal to activate special powers. Which one of the 8 animals will be yours? The boar collects trees, the hedgehog plants seeds, the fox steals an…
Planet Planet
Out of stock
PLANET A world is taking shape in the palm of your hands. Take on the role of super beings and compete to create perfect worlds with the ideal conditions for wildlife to flourish. In this very unique game, each player’s board is a 12-sided 3-dimensional planet core. Throughout 12 turns, select landscape tiles representing oceans, deserts, mountains or frozen lands, and arrange them on your planet…
Save the Dragon Save the Dragon
1 in stock
Blue Orange Games > ... SAVE THE DRAGON Legend has it that the prince or princess who succeeds in freeing the dragon will be pronounced the saviour of the kingdom. But this dragon is guarded by evil sorcerers who launch enormous boulders to keep princesses and princes away. Dodge obstacles protect yourself behind shields and be the first prince or princess to save the dragon! Game Info: Ages: 5+ P…


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