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1853 1853
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1853 1853 is the new edition of Francis Tresham's classic game about railway building in colonial India. It is part of the acclaimed 18xx™ series. We've given this elegant 20th Anniversary edition a total makeover. 3-6 players use their initial money to capitalize railroad companies and blanket India with an ever-changing railway network. Different rail guages add a new twist, even for experienced…
Atiwa Atiwa
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ATIWA The Atiwa Range in sotuheastern Ghana consists of steep-sides hills with rater flat summits and is home to many endangered species. In a nearby town, the mayor is causing a stir by giving shelter to a large number of fruit bats in his own garden. He has recognized the great value the animals have in deforsted regions: Fruit bats sleep during the day and take off at sunset in search of food,…
Barenpark Barenpark
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Bärenpark Your town is planning a new bear park. And you have been contracted to build it! Since animal welfare and species-appropriate housing is a matter dear to your heart, you're going to build large enclosures and specious animal houses. However, it's not as easy as it sounds to fit everything within the space you've been given, so skillful puzzling is key to getting the most valuable animals…
Barenpark: The Bad News Bears Barenpark: The Bad News Bears
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BÄRENPARK: THE BAD NEWS BEARS Your bear park is expanding... because the grizzlies are coming! That's right, some of the biggest bears on earth will be making their new home in your park. Their habitats need to be huge though, so do your best to fit them in any way you can! And with a bigger park, you'll also need to give your guests a way to get around. That's where your brand new monorail system…
Foothills Foothills
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FOOTHILLS The enthusiasm for railways grew with the development of steam power at a time when horsedrawn wagons were no longer sufficient to meet the transportation demands of industry. In Wales, rich deposits of ore, coal, stone and slate needed to find their way out of the rugged hills to the rapidly-expanding ports and (from there) the rest of the world. Many of these distinct, individual Welsh…
Glasgow Glasgow
Out of stock
GLASGOW In the 18th century the city of Glasgow, Scotland saw a great restructuring. Merchants of the area were to take the lead and create the Upper and Lower Town which would combine to become modern Glasgow, one of the first grid plan cities in Europe. In this competitive game for 2 players, you play as one of those merchants; brokering contracts at the docks and buying real estate with the hop…
Llama Land Llama Land
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LLAMA LAND Being a farmer is not exactly easy with all the hills and mountains around, Yet, growing potatoes, corn and cacao is what you love; and the landscape is wild, stunningly beautiful, and ... full of llamas?! Fitting your fields in giddy heights, you collect crops to obtain the coveted llama cards. These let you place a llama in your tableau and score victory points at the end. Keep an eye…
Mandala Mandala
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MANDALA Immerse yourself in the colorful world of the Mandala with 110 beautifully illustrated cards and a cotton play mat! You play colored cards into two Mandalas, building the central mountains and growing your fields. As soon as a Mandala has all six colors within it, you take turns to claim the colors in the mountain and add them to your cup and river. At the end of the game, the cards in you…
Murano Murano
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MURANO - COMPLETE EDITION Murano seeks the most glorious of merchants. There is a lot going on in the Venetian lagoon: glassblowers are creating breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art, which are sold to discerning customers by the businessmen of various shops. Various and esteemed personalities visit the small island of Murano in search of treasures to acquire. If your work lives up to their high…


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