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A Battle Through History A Battle Through History
3 in stock
A BATTLE THROUGH HISTORY - AN ADVENTURE WITH SABATON In A Battle through History, you become a Sabaton - a time-travelling storyteller jumping through history so you can relive epic (and often unlikely!) battles alongside legendary troops and heroes. Your success will depend on the skills of the warriors you recruit during your travels, but even more on your willingness to dare or defend. Every ba…
Bonfire Bonfire
2 in stock
BONFIRE Ignite the Bonfires, cast out the twilight! The magical Bonfire have died out, the ancient cities are abandoned, the world has sunk into twilight. The Guardians of Light, who once watched over the Bonfires, have withdrawn to distant islands. There they wait for those who prove worthy to banish the darkness. And so it is up to you, the Gnomes, to face this fate: Colonize the empty cities an…
Bonfire: Trees & Creatures Bonfire: Trees & Creatures
3 in stock
BONFIRE: TREES & CREATURES In Bonfire, the players have learned a lot about the world of Asperia and its inhabitants. In this expansion they will discover the Ancient Trees as well as Creatures with special abilities. Bonfire: Trees & Creatures contains the three modules Ancient Trees, Creatures and Events as well as game components for a fifth player and a sticker sheet for the resources. The mod…
Dorfromantik Dorfromantik
Out of stock
Pegasus Spiele > ... DORFROMANTIK In this fully cooperative tile placement game, one to six players work together to create an idyllic countryside that fulfills the wishes of the townspeople. Each player in turn will draw and place a single hexagonal tile, and the group is encouraged to work together towards achieving their goals. Ideal tile placement will score points for all completed tasks, in…
Fire & Stone Fire & Stone
3 in stock
FIRE & STONE In Fire & Stone the players lead their tribe through the Stone Age. They scout new lands, harvest nuts and mushrooms and finally build villages. The aim of the game is to have the most successful tribe by exploring new lands, building huts and gathering resources. With the invention of new tools and techniques like ship building or pottery the expansion of the player’s tribe can even…
Kitchen Rush Kitchen Rush
1 in stock
KITCHEN RUSH The world of gastronomy awaits! As a team of new restaurant owners, players must work together efficiently to make their gastronomic endeavor a success. They will have to use only the finest ingredients, season with the freshest herbs and avoid keeping their guests waiting – only then their restaurant will prosper. Kitchen Rush is a cooperative real-time worker placement game that evo…
Steel Driver Steel Driver
1 in stock
Board Games > Pegasus Spiele > ... STEEL DRIVER During the nienteenth century a web of steel was created around the world. Men, money, and vision built the railroads that made the modern world possible. Nowhere is this more evident than in the United States of America. The advent of the locomotive gave America the means to exploit her wealth of natural resources, transforming her into a world powe…
The Dwarves The Dwarves
1 in stock
THE DWARVES Take the roles of the five dwarves Tungdil, Balyndis, Boëndal, Boïndil and Bavragor, well-known characters by millions of readers of the German beststeller novel series The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Save Girdlegard together! Complete quests, fight the evil forces, and influence the Dwarf Council. But most of all: Forge Keenfire and complete the last great quest… The world of The Dwarves…


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